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Transforming Nursing Data Into Quality Care: Profiles of Quality Improvement in U.S. Healthcare Facilities

  • ISBN: 9781558102491
  • PUB# 9781558102491

In 1998, ANA established the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI®). Since then, participation in NDNQI has grown from the original 30 hospitals in the pilot project to over 1,000 facilities today, and continues to grow and attract a diverse array of healthcare facilities.

For the first time, participating NDNQI facilities who have sustained an improvement in a designated nursing sensitive indicator share their NDNQI experiences, in the words of the nurses who worked with the data that has improved patient outcomes. Each of the monograph's 14 profiles summarizes its startup efforts and details the quality measurement, reporting, and the resulting quality improvement. The historical context of the NDNQI program is also discussed, along with its conceptual and technical development and its role in nursing's ongoing contributions to quality care.

The book is one a kind in providing tools to improve multiple nursing sensitive indicators. It is an excellent reference guide for staff nurses, CEOs, nurse executives, NDNQI site coordinators, educators, researchers, quality improvement professionals and other healthcare professionals concerned with quality issues.

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About This Book
Author/Editor: Nancy Dunton, PhD and Isis Montalvo, RN, MS, MBA
Published: 2007
Page #: 172 pp.

Member Price: $27.95 | List Price: $32.95