New - Bounce Forward: The Extraordinary Resilience of Nurse Leadership

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It’s time to become an extraordinary nurse — one who grows stronger in the face of adversity, helping oneself and others to transform negative experiences into positive ones.

“Bounce Forward: The Extraordinary Resilience of Nurse Leadership” uses real-life stories to provide nurses in all practice settings with a model and methods to cultivate the personal, professional and organizational resilience they need to achieve nursing’s vision of a transformed 21st-century health care system.

The book is broken into four sections, each illuminating the concept of leadership resilience, what it takes to become a resilient leader, how to put your leadership resilience into action and how to foster resilient organizations.

The ideas presented here focus on the extra requirements of leadership resilience during disruptive change. You can put them into practice immediately, meaning you’ll become more resilient and will inspire resilience in others. This book gives you:

  • Five reasons to increase your leadership resilience
  • A personal resilience, renewal, resonance and relationship inventory exercise
  • Seven key things that leadership resilience produces
  • And much more!

“Bounce Forward: The Extraordinary Resilience of Nurse Leadership” will arm you with the personal and professional resilience tools needed to close the gap between the complex demands of your organization and the skills you need to meet those demands.


Author Biographies

Elle Allison-Napolitano is the founder and president of Wisdom Out. Elle works with leaders, aspiring leaders, senior leadership teams, work teams and leadership coaches; she teaches them the strategies, practices and tools they need to increase their organization’s capacity for positive change and sustainable results.

  Daniel J. Pesut is a nurse educator who has spent 39 years helping people develop the critical and creative mindset that supports the development of leadership insights. He has a longstanding interest in supporting the personal and professional renewal of nurses in practice, education and research contexts.

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