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Neonatal Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice 2nd Edition

  • ISBN: 9781558104709
  • PUB# 9781558104709

This concise guide to contemporary neonatal practice contains up-to-date information for RNs practicing in this nursing specialty and defines the level of nursing practice and professional performance for neonatal nurses at all practice levels and in all settings.

The 16 standards are those by which all RNs in neonatal nursing are held accountable for in their practice. Each standard is measurable by a set of specific competencies that serve as evidence of minimal compliance with that standard.

This book is a must have for neonatal nursing practitioners, educators, students, and others directly involved in the nursing profession. Other healthcare providers, researchers and scholars as well as employers, insurers, lawyers, regulators, policy makers, and stakeholders will find value in referencing this publication.

About This Book
Published: 2013

Download: Table of Contents: Neonatal Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice 2nd Edition

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