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Delegation and YOU!

New - eBook - Delegation and YOU!

  • ISBN: 9781558105768
  • PUB# 9781558105768

Do you know what work you can, or should, delegate? What tasks can you assign to patient care assistants (PCA), or to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP)? Can licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) delegate responsibilities?

Since the final professional decision to proceed with delegation to UAPs ultimately rests with the RN, you need to be vigilant and understand the proper delegation process.

Delegation and You, the latest YOU! series publication, provides an explanation of principles and relevant strategies for practice in situations in which RNs delegate tasks to UAPs. Written by two experienced nurses who served as educators, mentors and preceptors in many practice settings, this is a handy guide to the essentials of delegation and related decision-making. It includes the following:

  • The six criteria that every nurse must consider before delegating
  • An easy-to-follow illustrated example of “A Decision Tree for Delegation” just for nurses
  • The 11 essential principles of delegation
  • A criteria-based process model of critical thinking skills to assist with delegation decisions
  • The key barriers to delegation and how to overcome them

Delegation and You is for all clinical nurses, nurse managers and other RNs who lead care teams and delegate activities or tasks.

About the Authors

Melanie Duffy, MSN, RN, CCRN, CCNS, is a practicing Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in Harrisburg, PA, who received her master’s degree from Misericordia University in Dallas, PA. A critical care CNS for more than 20 years, she is an instructor for multiple critical care courses and serves as a mentor and preceptor for both novice and senior critical care nurses. She was co-chair of the workgroup that developed ANA’s current Principles of Delegation publication.

Shirley Fields McCoy, MS, RN-BC, is a practicing RN for more than 34 years who has used delegation in multiple practice settings. She has served as a nurse educator on delegation in both university and hospital settings. She was co-chair of the workgroup that developed ANA’s current Principles of Delegation publication.

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